February Wrap Up

I am so late with uploading this blog post, and that is because I have been super busy, and I really need to start writing these before Saturday. Anyways to days blog post isn’t going to be a book review liked I hoped it would be but instead a wrap up of this month, and to say the least I am extremely disappointed in myself for not reading this entire month. I did start a book The Bane Chronicles, but I got to caught up in the Salvatore brothers and their dreamy love story. So instead of books this month it’s going to be tv shows and movies. But I will include my goals for next month, starting with finishing The Bane Chronicles.

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So, if you noticed I didn’t post last week and that is because I have decided to post every second Saturday, this is because school has gone back, and I need time to do my homework. Also, because I want to work on the quality of blog posts and having two weeks to do that and that will improve the quality of my work.  I think this is the best thing to do so that I have time for school and my blog, Hope, you guys understand. So, in two weeks there will be another blog post, and I am looking forward to that.

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