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A Monsters Call – Book Review

A Monsters Call by Patrick Ness

12:07 is the designated time for the monster, but it isn’t the one from Conor’s nightmare. But it wants the most dangerous thing of all.

It wants the truth.

This book has been quoted by John Green, The Times, Philip Pullman and Daily Mail.  John Green is one of my favourite authors of all time, so I decided to read this but also because all I have heard is good things about this. It seems that everyone has read it and that finally pushed me to pick up A Monsters Call by Patrick Ness.  

This book is different from the others as Patrick Ness didn’t come up with this idea instead Siobhan Dowd was the one who had the original idea. But sadly, she passed away before she can develop the story.  A Monsters Call was published by Walker Books in 2011, in 2016 it was developed into a movie.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am planning on watching it soon. In this book, you really get to grow with the main character, Conor. He must come to terms that his mother has cancer and is incredibly ill, along with this you see him grow into a more mature boy who copes with a lot of pain.  This plot is dark and mysterious as when the monster walks it tells tales of when it walked before. But they aren’t just any tales where there’s a good guy and a bad guy, these tales have more meaning to it that make you think whether good and bad really exist or is there just human.

Regarding the characterisation, the Monster is described to not be scary to Conor but is still described to be a terrifying monster. This intrigues me as when reading this book, you don’t know why Conor isn’t scared of the Monster until the very end, yet it made me so much more curious to see the answer. Conor, on the other hand, is described to have this huge burden on his shoulders at the age of 12. To add to that he has to go to school being pitied and an outcast. A Monsters Call has so many emotions in it that have been expressed through the Monster and Conor. Such as fear, anger, pain, upset, sad, lonely, invisible and much more.

Overall this is an amazing book with a very deep moral, I highly recommend that you read this as it a one of a kind type of book that has a place in the heart of the reader.

Rating – 5/5

Okay so I know this isn’t a long blog post, but I wanted to do a book review because I feel like I haven’t done one in ages, so I decided what better book to do a review on then A Monsters Call by the one and only Patrick Ness. 

Is it me or does it feel like Christmas is so close, I am super excited for Xmas and if any of you guys have any requests for blog post revolving Christmas contact me and I will be sure to have a go.

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