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Book Review- The Trials of Apollo 1/2

My name is Apollo I used to be a god, until I was cast down from Olympus (a huge misunderstanding) and was left as a gawky mortal in a New York dumpster.

Persuading Percy Jackson to give me a lift to Camp Half-Blood, only to find that the place was in chaos. Demigods are going missing and the Oracles have fallen to a secretive enemy known as “the Beast.”

I figured that getting back into Zeus’s good books I would have to involve in a series of dangerous trials, and I was right (I usually am) My first trial? Save the final Oracle, hidden away for millennia. If I fail, the enemy will control the future, but worse- I’ll be stuck as a mortal teenager forever….

These two books were published on the 3rd of May 2016 and the 2nd of May 2017 by Disney Hyperion.  Rick Riordan’s books always keep you turning the page and I mean always.

The plot in these books are always interesting as they have intricate little messages that add to the plot.  The development of the characters is amazing to read along with the dialogue. The dialogue in this book can be a lot of things like humour, seriousness, and more. But the way Rick Riordan writes his books is (to me) poetic in a way, as the words flow together beautifully.

The Trials of Apollo book one and two are both classified as fantasy as we do go back into the world of Percy Jackson, which is always a pleasure. These types of books are amazing to read anytime because they do not classify for me anyways into seasonal reading. I’m not sure about you guys but fantasy for me is year-round (like Annabeth) sometimes I just need a little bit of fantasy.

Regarding the characterization of the different characters in Trials of Apollo, they vary a lot as I think Rick Riordan did that on purpose with all the different personalities. The main character of course Apollo looks different in his mortal form. Being a teenager with acne and pimples, he is mortified with his skin. He is described to have shaggy brown hair and no muscles at all. But of course, he has to put up with it to be able to return to his true godly form. Another mian character promeopt to these two books is a girl named Meg who is about 12 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from bossing round Apollo. The way she looks is described in the books to usually to be traffic lights in person. Bright clothing with black hair and fiercely in love with nature. These two characters are the protagonists that lead you on a journey to save the future.

Overall the Trials of Apollo the Hidden Oracle and the Trials of Apollo the Dark prophecy are amazing books and I highly recommend to anyone that loves fantasy. As the world that Rick Riordan builds is will never leave you disappointed. Make sure to comment if you love the Percy Jackson book series as much as I do.

Rating- 4.5/5

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