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Seasonal Reading-

So it is currently winter where I live and what better way to celebrate limitless time for reading then a blog post with seasonal books I like to read.

So in the winter I like to read more as it is the perfect way to read lots of books and not feel guilty as is gloomy outside. As I always feel guilty in the summer reading indoors when I can read outdoors.But during winter I usual read one type of book overall- Fairy tale retelling’s.

I think that this style gives of a wintery vibe if you know what I mean. These types of books just get me in the mood for winter as they are usually in winter- for example Hunted by Megan Spooner (new release), this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling that I really enjoyed, plus it is set in the in the winter time.

Some of the books that I have/will read are:

  • Hunted-Megan Spooner
  • The Crystal Heart- Sophie Masson
  • The Lunar Chronicles-Marissa Meyer
  • A Court Of Thorns And Roses- Sarah. J. Maas
  • Heartless- Marissa Meyers
  • Splintered-A.G. Howard
  • Ella Enchanted-Gail Carson Levine
  • Princess of the Midnight Ball-Jessica Day Geroge
  • The Goose Girl-Shannon Hale
  • The Wrath and the Darn-Renee Ahdieh

For more fairy tale retelling’s go to-


With most of these books I think the best way to read them is getting cozy in a blanket on your bed or on the lounge, but with the most delicious drink you can think of- Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate I believe to be the best drink to sip while reading as its warm and chocolaty and sometimes if you are reading sad books or even any books in general this can just calm those emotions.

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Geekerella: Book Review

Book Review: Geekerella
By Tiegan Grant
Geekerella is a story that follows a young girl (Elle). This story is a Cinderella retelling with geeky aspects. But unexpected things happen. The so called worst actor gets cast as her favourite character in a TV show, a stranger starts texting her and a mutual friendship is formed. And of course, the wrecked twin step sisters and step mother.
As this story progresses you meet wonderful characters with quirky personalities.
It is not hard to guess the plot as it is a play-by-play of the original Cinderella. But with it comes geeky and quirky personalities, and the text. For example the main geeky aspect is that Ella is obsessed with Starfield. A TV show that is an escape for her from reality. But as the show reboots will it meet her expectations or will it be the shows greatest downfall?
Some of the things that I personally liked were that she was no ordinary girl she was special in her own way, same with Darien the actor that everybody thought new nothing about his role but he was secretly a fan boy himself.
The way the text was written was intriguing as it had references to Starfield (which I haven’t watched) but it was fun to learn about this universe with the characters.
Through this book you can tell the love that Ashley Poston has for fandoms and geeky things, as it shows through Ella’s personality.
Author- Ashley Poston
Format-soft cover
Publisher- Quirk Books
Published- April 4th 2017
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