Current Obsessions

Today I was thinking of what to write for this blog post and I have seemingly been running out of ideas to blog about. This blog is to write about books so if any of you have any ideas that would be helpful. I want to produce content that you want to read and I don’t know how to do that without you guys giving input of what the content you actually want to read. You can contact me through email or message me of Instagram.

Enough rambling this blog post today is just going to be a small one, about my latest obsessions with TV shows, books, and bookish related things.

  1. My first latest obsession is not a book actually but a TV show that has been out for a while but I just was never interested in it, until now. And the TV show is…… Gossip Girl, I just finished season one and am starting on season two but for some reason I find the scheming and plotting against people really enjoyable to watch. Is that bad? One of the other reasons that I really enjoy Gossip Girl so much is that it stars Blake Lively. I recently have been watching some of her movies such as The Age of Adaline and I to say the least I really enjoy watching her act.
  2. My second obsessions and I think you will be glad to hear that it is a book. But not just any book the whole them of this book is a very intriguing one and the book is called (drum roll please) Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven. The whole book is about acceptance and enjoying the body that you have whether you are skinny, or chubbier than usual. One of the reasons that I really like this book as it deals with a mental issue that I didn’t know was actually more common then the mental diseases that I do know.  It is about a girl who has lost a lot of things in life but as gained nothing more than more weight, and then of course in contemporary book you have to have a little romance don’t you. So of course, there is a boy named Jack who has a disease called prosopagnosia which is a fancy word for face-blindness he cannot recognise any one not even his family.  And as they meet something unusual may bloom, that I found was very entertaining to read and has you thinking about other people’s feelings and thoughts a lot.
  3. My third current obsession is about a book but it’s story but it’s cover. The cover of We Were Liars by e. Lockhart. but not just it’s normal cover but it’s deluxe edition. The colour scheme is beautiful and this is one of those guilty moments where I admit to you that I may or may not have just bought it because of its cover, also because I have heard wonderful things about it. I am currently reading it and I am only a couple chapters in but I am intrigued by it greatly.
  4. The last current obsession of mine is a book and it’s called Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I do have a book review for it that went up last week so if you want to read about my thoughts and opinions on it you can.  but this book is similar to Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven, as it does have the fact that both girls in this story are slightly chubbier then most, and that they both fall for a guy who I very different from a lot of other males. This book really does get you thinking a lot about family, love, loss and people with a troubled past. The way it was written is intriguing in itself as I did really want to read on but didn’t as I was frustrated with the actual story in an effective way

I hope you guys may have been interested to buy/watch/read if you haven’t already because these are just what I’m currently up to with reading and bingeing.

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