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Firstlife: Book Review

Book Review: Firstlife
By Tiegan Grant

Firstlife is a whimsical story about a young girl called Tenley, who must decide between Troika or Myriad for the everlife. The everlife is the life after you die but a war has been raging for years and an interest is sparked for Tenley or Ten. But when two boys are thrown into the mix of a life’s worth decision will emotions cloud her judgment, or will she be murdered and left unsigned.

While you read this book, you learn to grow an attachment for the characters as you see them grow strong with every obstacle. But as Tenley grows so does her feelings for the boys Killian and Archer. But enemies can’t become friends, can they?

The plot is sick and twisted as it talks about evil masking its darkness to lure in spirits while light tries to convince you to do choose the right choice. But Tenley doubts herself and doubts others. Not believing in anyone or relying on anyone to help her can be a good and dreadful thing in situations.

Overall the way this book was written was agenizing as you feel for the characters in a way that is what made me read this book. As the emotions, I could relate to and feel for Tenley. Through all the choices made in this book you lean that your actions can cause other people pain even if you don’t mean to.

The one hidden message that stuck out for me is that you do anything to save your loved ones even if that means a dangerous thing could happen to you.

The moral to this story is that there is always good and bad in life but you learn to deal with it. And become who you are supposed to be.

Rating- 4/5
Author- Gena Showalter
Format- softcover
Publisher- Harlequin TEEN
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