My reading pet peeves

So sometimes when I’m reading or when some else is reading they do these things that I cannot handle because they annoy me soooo much. We all have our pet peeves but these are my top five bookish pet peeves-

  1. When a person folds the page to mark where they are.
  • Like why fold they page when you can use a bookmark, bookmarks were made to mark where you finished reading so why fold the page. This pet peeve annoys me because when I sometimes go to read from where my bookmark is I go to the folded page instead and spoil myself of what’s coming {the fold came from my family reading the book}
  1. Spoilers
  • When a person spoils you of what’s coming in a book and you scream in silence from the news. I have done that as a person posted a spoiler on Instagram and I read it and screamed because the ending for the next book I was going to read was spoiled for me.
  1. When your favourite character dies
  • Your just like why! Why did the author do this to me, they were the best. These are the worst as you become so attached to a character that you can’t bare for them to get hurt.
  1. When the movie doesn’t do the book justice
  • This is so annoying as the movie just isn’t good enough for the amazing book. In other words, it doesn’t do the book justice at all which is a big pet peeve of mine.
  1. When your interrupted while reading
  • This happens a lot to me while reading like do people not see me reading. They just don’t seem to get that I’m reading and they interrupt me which is so annoying as I am normally in a very action pacted scene.
  1. When a book is hyped up but then it ends up a fail in your opinion
  • You get so excited but in the end, it didn’t turn out good in your opinion. This annoys me as everybody is raving about it but you just not one of them. Is this anyone else’s pet peeve or not?
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