New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is coming up and next time I post it will be 2018, so I thought to do a blog post with my new year’s resolution.  Which of course revolves around books, movies, and other stuff.

  1. To read over 100 books in the year

  1. To watch one movie of the Marvel series each week leading up to the release of Infinite War

  1. To update every week with a new idea

  1. To try different things – food, sport, fashion, make up etc.

  1. To own every single book that Rick Riordan has published in the Percy Jackson series

  1. To always stay organized with everything

  1. To stay fit and healthy – I feel like everyone or majority of people say this, but it doesn’t really happen but I’m going to try and move more and just become active

  1. To increase my bookshelf’s

  1. To start reviewing movies as well as books

  1. To start to save more money

These are my 10 new year’s resolutions, hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and wish the very best for everyone with the new year.

2018 here we come.

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