So, this blog post is different from the others as it is an app for readers, and if you haven’t heard of it it’s called Wattpad. Wattpad is an app that allows anyone to publish there writing and for others to see and read them. If some of the books really stand out and have a lot of readers, there is a chance that it could be published. For example, the After series by Anna Todd was originally a Wattpad book series.  The books range from so many genres – romance, fantasy, sci-fi and so many more.

I personally use Wattpad a lot to read, and it easily accessible as you are able to use it on a phone, iPad /tablet and computers. You are able to use it with and some aspects without WIFI, like you, can still read but you have to load the book beforehand.  Not going to lie some of the books aren’t the best but its only for the fun of writing. With this app comes some really good books that I believe some of you guys may be interested in.

  1. The Cell Phone Swap

So, I don’t know the authors of these books because they have usernames instead, but this is one of the many books published by Wattpad. In the paperback edition it’s not actually called The Cell Phone Swap but instead, it’s called Textrovert.  Anyways it’s about these two teenagers who accidentally swapped phones, and they start to talk. Many adventures come from it maybe even a little romance. This is a contemporary book and it is one of my favourites from this app.

  1. Living with the Walter Boys

This book is pretty self-explanatory, and a girl goes to live with a family that has multiple boys, I think it’s 12, ridiculous I know. But this book is very intriguing as it has so many good aspects of it. Like there’s pranks, love, drama and much more. The whole idea of this book is pretty funny, and the actual text is hilarious.  This book was also published and has changed to My Life with the Walter Boys.

  1. The Bad Boys Girl

This book is also published but has kept the same name. It is about a girl called Tessa and she believes she is in love with Jay Stone ever since she was little. But when his stepbrother her worst tormenter comes back into town to shack things up. Tessa is left to decide whether she is actually in love with Jay or was she blinded by his appearance. Adventure, mystery and a whole heck of drama. This book is an amazing book to read when you just need a little bit of romance in your life.

Overall all three of these books have been published through Wattpad and I highly recommend you go and read them as they will leave you hanging for more.

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